Song Of The Clouds Poem by Lovita Morang

Song Of The Clouds

Song of the clouds
As I drove along highway,
The thristing clouds enkindle hopes, flapping it's wings
As if the whole ocean have become the clouds,
In various forms, clapping as it sing,
It tells the tale, riding on the chariot of clouds
How it has planned to shower the freshest of water
It drank in last hours
As if a hope for the poet's thirsting flowers,
Tides and turbulence all evaporated
From the rivers, seas and the streams;
And floats shading penumbric play of shades

Meteoric rise of loved ones day and night dreams.
dews that waken, each blink of eyelids
Oh! Sweet thoughts, each one weave,
like the beauty of buds every one waits to bloom.

The paddy field of the people on that hilltop homes,
Their little children, prance, run down,
and a little girl she dances, about
In the interplay of both the sun and the rain
I wield more will, I halt my car, at Mawtnum, in an unknown terrain.

Hail i storming down to the pinepple selling girl,
She smiles to all unknown,
Only the green hills notice it, and the nesting birds
Bit by bit, beauty of rain dissolve, the beauty of everything that mountain own in its breast,
The sudden thunder like the cloud's laughter,
As I pass in wonder.

I sift the gear, the speeding vehicle,
Tearing through the beats of the rain,
the roads and the mountains below the roads
Pine find it's love remain, sweat,
In the fragrance of jacaranda in violet
And all the night and days 'tis always here, wait
Unmoved do nature's wonder ever sleep,
in the arms of this fantastic lover, in kisses so deep

Sublime clouds, skiey's lure,
Over earth o that gentle move, love this demeanour
and the hills of my dream, underneath flows, spirit of stream,
Every time I drive by, it's still the same miles, miles
Sky's blue smile
while the albino clouds bask
plumes of hours, like an eagle's eye alit,

From the depth of towering sky the heights of clouds
As if it has wings of wind, as still as a brooding beauty.
Cloud nest love laden, inbetween is the bridges
A song of mortals, immortal glimmering o'er the dales of breezes
Asif tiptoed unseen, the only sound of barefeet i hear,
My broken vow, for thattime-built being,
not to stop by this strangeness,
I peep deep, into the privacy of the roots spreading its limbs,
And sip streaming water,
Calming my passing hurricane hours,
And the passing clouds made of the rivers, lakes, and seas,
Oceanic love is this merge of everything big
Whirl the winding roads
Over a torrent rain in between the sunshine
triumphal thrill, I chained the air,
My chest filled with freshest nursling fair
Clothed barebody, even death may not dare,
Thread I here in the rare view of the vehicle the convex gleams
The clouds gleam, I smiled at the passer by,
Also, at the man resting on somebody's cemetery
Canopy of clouds, like a peace lily bloom building forestry....

-Lovita J R Morang

A poet see rivers, streams and sea. The Big ocean becoming cloud and waits like a thrisling flowers. The thirst to live this beauty is irreplaceable
Lovita Morang

Lovita Morang

Arunachal, Assam, india
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