Two Hearts And A Song Poem by Lovita Morang

Two Hearts And A Song

Rating: 3.1

two hearts and a song

morning so beautified


hum the harmony for humanity

like this truly like this
writing in the wind, calling the wind

a man like you are for men

you said two hearts a song
and created and composed
many a songs…many a hearts

it’s purely for all that hearts
that can beat for you

peace through love
love through peace

if love is two hearts and a song

I may be torn
I may be lovelorn

Amidst we
Global festival of human songs

Try singing these and smile
Hum even if the songs has broken rhythm

The Ragas of life

Why carry a broken heart
I may be playing the broken flute

It’s not only the two hearts and a song

But for many a hearts that hums

I believe
I shall sing on these lovesongs for lovely people.

Songs not yet shaken
For love knows it’s own unlimitedness

Kay Connolly 22 October 2009

it's wonderful. beautifully written.10+

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Dr Antony Theodore 19 August 2018

Songs not yet shaken For love knows it’s own unlimitedness open-endedness.never ending love we all desire ended.. love.. very fine poem.. thank u dear poetess writer.. and film maker.. tony

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The ragas of life. Loved this musical love song. Nice.

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Prabir Gayen 23 January 2019

Very good poem....beautifully crafted...idea is driven with spontaneity

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O POET ME POET 27 October 2018

CONTD... Darjeeling tea and you are used to ain't it I warn all femininity equally Read my poetry impartially Internationally You are a class poet of the FAR EAST BE IT

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O POET ME POET 27 October 2018

You of men speak so beautifully they all are dual generally they butter all gals or how else will they achieve what in their mind is love and victory more the merrier be this song is sung in Darjeeling far East where lie secretly more beasts in search of love and trust then the lack of it all know it so girls be aware the men have two heads but use the lower one mostly instead as they love to read all over the white skins soft and smooth lovely smelling perfume like the loneCONTD

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Dev Anand 20 August 2018

harmony, love, purity of heart.. the heart song, the song of the bodies in love. love ur poems.. dev

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Lovita Morang

Lovita Morang

Arunachal, Assam, india
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