Sonnet 1: Lost Love In The Shadows Poem by Christen Kuikoua

Sonnet 1: Lost Love In The Shadows

In distant realms where love's elusive gleams,
I search for traces of what once was true.
A love untamed, lost in forgotten dreams,
A flame once bright, now dimmed and misconstrued.

The path to find this love, wrought with despair,
Obscured by veils of time and circumstance.
Yet in my heart, a flicker, ever aware,
A yearning to rekindle love's expanse.

But love, once lost, can be a treacherous foe,
Its embers hidden, hard to rediscover.
To bridge the chasm where true passion did grow,
Requires a spirit that seeks to recover.

I face this challenge with steadfast resolve,
To reignite a love that fate hopes to absolve.

Though shadows loom and doubts may haunt the way,
A love that's true can never truly die.
Through trials and struggles, we'll find a convey,
Unwilling to let our love fade, goodbye.

So let us embark on this arduous quest,
To resurrect a love that fate deems cursed.
With hearts ablaze, we'll defy love's very jest,
And from the ashes, reclaim what was dispersed.

For love that's cherished, though it seems estranged,
Can be revived; a love that's truly unchanged.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: affinity and love,bittersweet love,sad love,broken heart,pain
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