Sonnet: Healing Wounds Poem by Dr John Celes

Sonnet: Healing Wounds

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The wounds of flesh can heal by drugs and care;
Remove agents opposing healing act;
Excision by doctors is something rare;
Yet, nature heals most wounds with time and tact.

The wounds by words of mouth are slow to heal;
The damage caused is incredibly huge;
The pain and misery, we always feel;
In God, we ultimately take refuge.

The tongue can speak most cruel words that hurt;
The ‘bone-less mass’ can move like fox and snake;
It craftily produces lies like dirt;
Consoling words and sounds too, it can make!

Man hurts by words in ways unpredicted;
God heals the wounds of hearts, man-inflicted.
Copyright by Dr John Celes 11-10-2005

Dr John Celes 10 November 2005

Thank you, Charles. indeed, when the mouth and the tongue can be used carefully and usefully, they act as a 'box from which miraculously and holy words emanate and the listeners are calmed, coaxed and convinced. Yet some try to abuse and even misuse it and it serves to commit a 'mound of mortal sins' that grows into a mountain soon! Regards, Dr John Celes

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Charles Chaim Wax 10 November 2005

such faith a wonderful feeling which has given the world a lovely poem

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Dr John Celes

Dr John Celes

Tamilnadu, India
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