Southern Sand Poem by Michelle Kafka

Southern Sand

Rating: 5.0

Shy sand grain
languorously lying beneath breeze-touched palm tree
hungry and thirsty.

Frothing, foaming, yearning northern night wave encapsulates.
Eyes, hands, mouths clash.
Contact on the shore.
Tongue and thigh, thigh and tongue pulse.
One timid sand grain hotly rides one bold wave making sensuous night music.
Lusty blossoms sway, rippling cheer.
Shared silken vocal ranges amid pink and red décor.

Nestled amid this tranquil island perfumed wild apples tremble.
Southern sultry roses blush.

The harp sobs echoing in the summer air, while his white-capped tower nestles in her warm showers – ebb and flow.

A repetition of love and a red tickle, then, blinking, nodding like satiated sages succumbing to sleep southern sand embraces northern night wave.

Louis Rams 18 January 2010

a beautiful sensuous poem very well written, thank you for sharing

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Michelle Kafka 14 January 2010

Thank you for your responses.

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Marieta Maglas 13 January 2010

wonderful visual metonymy Shared silken vocal ranges amid pink and red décor. wonderful lyric poem belonging to symbolism 10/10

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Afzal Shauq 12 January 2010

sweet way written rich and meaningful poem is this one...enjoyed a lot...10/10

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Lynn Glover 12 January 2010

A very sensual poem, I enjoyed the read very much, 'thanks your poem pal Lynn

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