Friendship's Meaning Poem by Michelle Kafka

Friendship's Meaning

Rating: 4.7

Friendship freezes misspoken or misinterpreted words.
Friendship melts the shadows of the heart.
Friendship's soul swells rolling the emblazoned red carpet at our doorways.
Friendship is the bridge binding two islands.
Friendship is one fragrant blossom meeting the perfect ground.
Friendship is wild laughing by the swishing stream.
Friendship is watching leaves turn stunning colours.
Friendship is a golden chain with luck charms worn about the neck or wrist.
Friendship is the turquoise stone tucked away in the pocket or enveloped under the pillow.
Friendship is a frog sitting beside a bold bright yellow rose on a Sunday morning in August.
Friendship extends its magical arms for it is not the receiving but the giving.
Friendship is creating a mood positive and light.
Our friendship is the air, fire, earth, and water of the universe!

Saadat Tahir 17 December 2009

a great ode to friendship.... indeed...well written and a novel approach cheers

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Poetic Soul 16 July 2010

A great definition to freindship...thanks for sharing.

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Marieta Maglas 21 September 2009

It is a metaphorical poem very well written, and a great definition for a free friendship and at same time an advice to gain honest and open-hearted friends for becoming better people.Thank you for sharing.10+++++

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Anoop Nair 19 March 2013

I love this poem abt friendship.I will give you Two thumps up

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Lol seriously? ! 20 August 2018

Pls give me 50000000000000000 likes! ! !

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Ririn Andini 10 November 2021

Thank you very much for making this poem, lady

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me here now 26 January 2020

these are wonderful poems but the mechanical reading by a text read leaves me cold

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Practically a Poet 20 August 2018

Hiiiiii there! ! ! #imapoet

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Rajesh Thankappan 23 December 2014

Really a heart warming poem on friendship with rich range of metaphors.

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Anurag Saraswat 26 October 2013

Very beautiful poem!

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