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' i am ' sky
my colors are my moods
' i am' light blue when i'm at peace
' i am ' dark blue when i'm troubled

something that should have gone out
with the dark ages 'still rages'.

human trafficking and slavery for the almighty dollar

when a woman can bring beauty into the heart of man
she knows that she is on the right track.
for man will always try to hide the feelings
he has locked up inside.

i was laying beneath a big pine tree
the birds were whistling cheerfully.
the cool gentle breeze blowing thru my hair
and i knew right there, i had not one care.

to look upon your childs face
to hold your child in a warm embrace
to be able to soothe their aches and pains
and kiss away the falling rain.

i looked up into the deep blue sky
little white clouds were floating by
i looked upon this young girls face
she held it down in disgrace.

i felt a slight twinge in my heart
that deep down burning feeling tearing me apart.
i thought that it would go away
but now i know it's here to stay.

why? is man or woman chosen to be
or do we create our own destiny?
if man sits idley by
and does not even get up to try.

2018 year of the women

This is the year of the women to be free of abuse
No more a tool for man s personal use

she's a woman, and she's taken all she can take
she's a woman and she knows it's not too late.
to change her life style
and the way she was brought up to think.

i was feeling pretty low.
everything went wrong, no matter
which way i'd go.
i felt really down and out

who brought you into this world
showing you love, joy, affection.
who is your days, and who is your nights
and for her you would proudly fight.

the LORD said that he has given us three things
with LOVE being the strongest of the three
he gave these strengths to you and me

sitting in my mothers chair
pain is etched everywhere
feeling the aches and pains
that she must go through

w. m. d. ”s does not mean weapons of mass destruction
But! Women! Men s destruction.
They attract you with their looks and charms
And bodies that will put you in β€œ self destruct”.

the lover is the backbone of his mistress
he is her hopes, her dreams, her fantasies.

he keeps her on a string, but to him she is everything.

there is a battle raging within me
that i can't control.
of angels VS demons for my earthly soul.

LORD you hold my heart in your hand
of my life you're in command.
you've been with me from my birth
teaching and guiding me so that i can see

we met many years ago
in a time which we forgot.
i had really loved you
but you had loved me not.

love is looking into their eyes
and seeing the joy of your little
girl and boy.
these are the children of love

louis rams Biography

i was born of hispanic heritage. my mother was from puerto rico, and my father from spain.i had started writing poetry at an early age. but! it was not manly to write poetry, so i gave it up for many years.and i was brought back to writing again when i got out of the army and met one of my fellow servicemens father in illinois. he was a poet to be reckoned with.! i had misplaced my poems when i moved to florida about 100 of them so i started a new collection. everything that i write is what i call poetic stories that most anyone can relate to. POEMS ARE TO THE MIND, AS LOVE IS TO THE SOUL SIT AND READ, AND LIFE UNFOLDS. the words and stories were given to me so that i could write them down-for all the world to see. my personal quotes and beliefs are listed below 1 'poetry in motion with spiritual devotion' 2 'happy is he who has not any, but in his heart he has plenty' 3 'with the light of day, the night is taken away and with the rise of dawn, a new day is born' 4 two hearts that beat as one will always overcome)

The Best Poem Of louis rams

' I Am ' Sky #4 Series

' i am ' sky
my colors are my moods
' i am' light blue when i'm at peace
' i am ' dark blue when i'm troubled
' i am ' dark clouds when i cry for justice
' i am ' light clouds when i'm in thought
the stars are my teeth in a smile
with the universe.
the lightning bolts is my anger in full fury.
the heavy rains are my tears.

the light rains is my contentment
of a new birth.
the rainbows is my heart at rest.

' i am' SKY.

louis rams Comments

Earl Clark 07 November 2010

Louis Rams is one of the best poets still among us. His style is unique, he has the ability to transcend into his subject matter. Interesting and gets the reader thinking. A personal favorite of mine, he will also communicate with a fan does not put himself above fellow poets, humbling but yet humble.

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he is s good poet.......... real good.

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~ Jon London ~ 22 August 2009

Louis Rams poetry will awaken the lost hearts and souls in reading his poems..they speak of truth, the love of the heavens..painting beautifully scenery that's so touching on the heart of all his readers...He speaks of loss..The strength it takes to face any situation that would keep so many pinned down...Louis never fails to deliver the emotions of a natural poet..his works are unique and beautifully written always....take a look inside the mind of this inspiring poets work....I know that you will enjoy. All the very best to you Louis my dear friend. God bless you always along your journey through life with much happiness Your friend Jon

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Christine Kerr 07 February 2010

For Louis I know of a man In a far away land Who encourages your strength to do whatever you can. You know he's a saint, through thousand of words. The picture he paints All needs to be heard. The meaning of life, through love and disaster. It all comes through, even his laughter. Like a Fly, who just stands by. Your heart opens up, Though he will not pry. God Bless this friend, who needs to be heard, His words of wisdom, have couraging words. He has the answers, before you speak them. and in his soul, you know he'll keep them. My loving thoughts will be with you forever. Your friend Chris

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Kanishka 25 March 2020

Dude the one you wrote on SLAVERY is just way too awesome. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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Prabir Gayen 09 March 2019

Louis Rams is a good poet......God Bless You.

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Practicing Poetess 21 July 2018

A prolific poet who perfectly pens profound truths!

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Patricia Grantham 29 July 2013

I truly enjoy Poet Rams very unique poetry. His works are created with such force and He is a master in the usage of words that brings to the front some of the great poems he has written. He writes a variety of poems with many different titles that readers will be sure to find something of great interests. He also writes unselfishly and have the best interests of others in mind. He is truly a fine poet that I have crossed paths with. Keep penning.

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Hans Vr 08 October 2011

A fantastic poet who is truly inspiring. It is always a pleasure to read his poetic stories full of hope, love and faith.

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louis rams Quotes

life is poetry in motion

child hood memories will flood your mind from another era, another time, so live the present not the past so these memories will forever last.

love is like a waterfall cascading down giving life to all around

learn how to love and never quick to judge

the sun brightens our day but love brightens our lives

Sentimental values Material things mean nothing to me because It just has monetary value. Give me something of sentimental value such as A kiss, a hug, a kind word or a compliment Of something achieved. You cannot take material things with you at your death But you can take the sentimental emotions that you Have received and given. We must just give of ourselves and let the material Things take care of themselves, because they'll Be here long after we are dead and buried. A bed cover may keep you warm, but it can not Love you or show you happiness. These are my thoughts and feelings that I share with you. © L. RAMS 121620

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louis rams Popularity

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