Spells Of My Slavery Broke

A memory from deep recesses of my mind crept
Meandering, probing, seething
In deep shafts of wrath swept
From crevices where the memory for too long held prisoner wept

Cursing the day it saw the light of day
In an ice cold
World where though on bended knees it strove to eat morsels of clay
No Good Samaritan to its rescue stood bold

Enough to lend a helping hand
Or a tender shoulder to cry on
As nestled thorns in the loveless land
Accommodated in its bosom no single clone

Who could pluck up courage
To defy the tyranny
Which unleashed a barrage
Teeming with calumny and larceny

Whose green eyes rolled with glee
At the sight of the memory wincing at every blow of the hippo tail
In Galilee
Where a hangman from Hell

Snapped the memory's neck
Cracking vertebrae
As a snake
Writhing and slithering whose fangs did stray

Aiming to inject venom
On the neck of the memory when God's love
Crushed the demon
On flapping wings of a white dove

On which the memory flew
Its yoke the memory threw
Away its pains gored

As the memory with a spring in its footsteps
Determinedly cruised to my heart
Snatched the forceps
Which with a start

Let go of my freedom
When all of a sudden I awoke
In love's kingdom
Enthused by God's omnipotence as spells of my slavery broke.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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