Spring Has Sprung Poem by Gerry Legister

Spring Has Sprung

When the year was great and still young
In fading snow hides the earthen treasures,
From natural snare rainy spring has sprung
Large clouds sit above mountains and trees.

Heaven shed dew upon the dampen grass
And the rain that came toiled in the ground,
To washed away the gloom of wintry dross,
Into the shallow holes new seeds are sown.

Up from the ground, flown into the atmosphere
Spring has sprung alive the fondant sound,
Echoing around the world the herald of nature
Come as in other times prompt from ancient mind.

When spring comes winter goes tumbling back
Upon the track, watered the blossomed flowers,
For this season the thrush of love walks and talk
About things that makes us happy with best wishes.

Kisses reserve the bliss making new acquaintance
Thrills stood tall in the path where spring has sprung,
Paradise bloom clinging to thoughts of romance
Of course there must be something strong.

Bring together new world in rosy leaves of early dawn,
Wrapped around trees tangled weeds have grown,
The daisy earthen ties lay sprawled upon the lawn
That meets the messengers of summer's invitation.

We adore mountains and tress as buzzing bees
Excited with the changes defining the age of beauty
Birds in the trees, prayer time dangled from our knees
A tune in the air unites all the realms perfectly.

Bells of cathedrals chime out to begin new life again,
In cities and towns they sing the welcome song
And heroes of heroics received the awards they attain,
March in the cool of the wind that spring has sprung.

Thursday, September 3, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: seasons
Gerry Legister

Gerry Legister

Silver Spring, Westmorland, Jamaica
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