R.H. Peppers

Sprinkled By A Bumble Bee - Poem by R.H. Peppers

life was strange to me
before i was frequently visited by a BumbleBee
from the very first moment He sprinkled me
Truths in Life became simple

though conflicted in contrast with my reality..

i would always ask questions
as He buzz'd around my head
unsteady and awkward
but seemingly without a care

the words He spoke to me
were profound and in ways i never heard
yet seeming to never have control of His flight
one would think..

...He should fly with the grace of a humming bird...

one day i asked of Him..
...'why do You not fly straight? '

He told me
...'the life of a BumbleBee has its ups and downs just like anything else.'

i further inquired..
...'so are you saying its not possible to always remain one way or another? '

He took His time
dipping low then rising high
and said..
...'for even a blade of grass has its short. tall moments
and for whatever season it endures creates reason to adjust to its involvement'..

bzzzz.... bzzzz....

i argued..
...'blades of grass don't cannot think..
the Lord makes it grow that i may comfort my feet'...

He laughed a buzz worthy bzzzz..
circled a tree
then flew back to me

and said..
..'when Life is on the line
whatever so live
will fight to stay alive
..so much so that
even a split peach in a tree
will attempt to heal its wound
that it may stay perched on its limb
until its Time has been decreed..

He buzz'd away to a nearby flower
then made His way back to me..

..'for your idea of a blade of grass


..i shiver to think what you feel about a flea

bzzzz... bzzzz...

..but yet here you are..

bzzzz... bzzzz... bzzzz...

one willing to listen to the simple ramblings of a BumbleBee'..

bzzzz... bzzzz... bzzzz... bzzzz..

Topic(s) of this poem: inspirational

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 25, 2013

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