Standout Poem by Pankajam Kottarath


Rating: 3.5

Alien to me is mad race for avarice
As I don't count on fast buck
That comes quick is to leave fast
My consolation comes from this fact.

Neither do I fit into any static set
For the fire in my blood is in full might
And not to trek thro' shady path
Else get stuck with awful filth.

Misfit will I be in all partying groups
Though my nerves are arid
With thirst to drink up the ocean, but
Squander not a penny, don't call me stingy.

I may not be part of elite crowd any
For I cannot invest time in vanity
Rather I would mingle with my shadow quiet
Never mind, take me for an introvert.

I'm the odd one in every posh lounge, not a lie
I won't be wearing an overcoat or tie,
Not stride on the slippery marble floor
The shoes I wear are torn, no fear of fall!

I may miss elegant front rows always
My attire may not be at par.
Don't mock at me my comrades; Believe
I swear, I stand out this way! !

Valsa George 16 July 2012

I enjoyed this poem much.... more than the greatness of the poem, I admire the greatness of the person standing apart in a unique way from the rest of the commoners! !

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Pheko Motaung 08 May 2012

A wonderful poem! Hard has always been the life of the loner.Bsut it has it's own rewards.Choose rather to be a leader not a follower.....Thanks a lot.Your poetry be marvellous

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