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Sorrows deep rooted
lie damp
in bruised hearts
like my village soil

Tiny rabbits stay still
while chemicals dropped
eat away their eyes.
After the trials

Dreamy eyes.
Hearts melt and flow like streams.
As they converge into one
the streams vanish

Wind asked Jasmine: How do you look so gorgeous?
Jasmine said: As the delight of others gets reflected on me
Jasmine to the wind: How do you blow so gentle?

At the threshold of summer
April had its vanquished songs
May started with hot spells
nights, yearned for dying cool winds

As last sunrays prepared to quit
I found my pet dog annoyed
snooping and sniffing his ways
in and around the messy shed

the dark walls of night
do not cage you.
Its endless songs

He counts the Yes
in her No's
with a teasing smile
and choose their trajectory

I don't have to scale
Snow capped Himalayan peaks
They come to my courtyard at a wink

With a heavy heart he comes
sits alongside on the swing
sways with his long time friend
Not a word they utter

Lost to malignant cells in brain
She lies confined to bed,
awaiting the last call
in the dim lantern light

The slender tube
feeds my senses with mellowed music.

Amid perked up flowers
earth beguiles in her best
bathed in a smile
with frills of joy,

After a sight seeing trip I return home early dawn
exhausted a bit, yet reinforced from within.
I open the gate. My pet dog comes
wagging its tail, like a pendulum,

Alien to me is mad race for avarice
As I don't count on fast buck
That comes quick is to leave fast
My consolation comes from this fact.

The thirteen year old flower vendor,
naïve as the flowers she sold
looks nascent like lilies
in her bamboo bin.

I Want To Cry

Glory of this earth
ever on the zenith

Silence seeps
hundreds of fathoms deep
she sits morose with a cold stare
none to share.

Feasting my soul
with broken memories
I sit in the awning
browsing my brains

Wonders of the world,
neither those built by hand
nor bought by man, more precious
than the historic ones; as I can

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Sorrows deep rooted
lie damp
in bruised hearts
like my village soil
soaked for months in monsoon

Ghosts of hurts chasing rampant
neither melt in the sun
nor dissolve in the rains
as inorganic synthetics
Awfully abraded,
they fume and fret,
nudge day and night
The caricature
doesn't expose
scars caged within
and to unlock them
with an instant outburst
wait woefully
for a little kindred propinquity,
the litmus-test
for intensity of aches
If not any, stay unseen
for years and years.

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