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Still Life On A Matchbox Lid

Rating: 3.0

The heart is colder then the eye is.
The watchers, the holy ones,
know this, no shortcut to the sky,
A single dog hair can split the wind.

If you want great tranquility,
it's hard work and a long walk.

Don't brood on the past.
The world is without appendages,

no message, no name.
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Michele Gill 25 March 2018

Every phrase in this poem is brilliant and when I read it, effortless but profound, unique, wise! ! ! Charles Wright is so gifted and this is an understatement! ! ! !

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Ravi Kopra 21 March 2018

Your poem in Hindi/Urdu translation here - https: //www.poemhunter.com/poem/still-life-on-a-matchbox-lid-translated-into-hindi-urdu/

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