Safi Hyder

Stirring Stillness! ! - Poem by Safi Hyder

My boisterous aircraft hovered over an enchanted bay
giving a scornful look towards a cruise gently drifting away
in no apparent rush to reach its far and distant bay
as the ones ferrying were reveling their stolen days:
the avaricious and propitious winners at the casinos,
keeping the revengeful and inauspicious losers at bay;
the vowing and romancing honeymooners on the deck,
envying the togetherness of the ostensibly faithful pairs in lay;
the playful children and the stumbling toddlers in the narrow aisles,
obstructing the adolescents wandering to locate prospective dates;
yet, all keenly yearning to render the passing time still and stay

Conscious of the indolence and torpor in the ocean
the boastful jumbo pushed the turbo to amplify its motion
quickly attaining the heights and speed without any commotion
to the momentary delight of those having definite dates with the time:
the anguished faces, disquietely silenced from a sudden separation
the excited minds, eagerly waiting to end their long partitions
the restless souls scrambling to search and fetch a few pitiful doles
all staring at the screen mapping the chart and showing the speed
occasionally peeping down to verify on their own, but, all in vain

And all the while, I was lost recollecting the memories bygone
pointlessly figuring the group I did ultimately belong
not even perturbed by the trolleys scuttling in the aisle
until abruptly awakened by a sudden deafening blare
proclaiming the imminent nearing of my lovely place
rousing in mind the air and aroma of my motherland
the dotted shades and lines appearing slowly in sight
evenly thickened and haughtily heightened with each passing time
obliterating the fields and pastures that were there once fully alive
yet, before the noise of the engines became muted and quiet
I concluded there was no point in identifying self or grieving every while

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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