Safi Hyder

Stillness Doesn'T Always Beget Calm - Poem by Safi Hyder

The life had gone still all on its own
thought to turn self too into a walled stone
didn't know then the silence wont beget calm
until the pause pitched me into a sordid zone
with all of the piercing memories spread and strewn
each billowed and bulged like a rotten sore
subtly claiming the credit for causing the wanton uproar
utterly oblivious of the pains I would inure or endure

Instantly wished the clock could go on a stand-by mode
perchance could clear the agonies piled up in loads
and sew back all that was blown up and severely torn
yet, wondered, why would the Earth oblige me ever
or the Sun and the Moon for that matter
nor could ask the seasons to swap their turns
for all ordained to do their respective recurring chores
to serve the millions and millions of other souls
notwithstanding my thousands and thousands woes

Restless and scared, peeped out of the closed window pane
to sight a stark and naked pine jeering at my absurd state
though, desolate and discarded after being evergreen for so long
yet, delightfully reminiscing the glorious times bygone
exclaiming those talkative mynas and the songstress nightingales
the ever busy bees, the swift dragonflies and the resourceful squirrels
who had all enjoyed and harped on the prolonged youthful decades
but, before it could bare its obscure groans and whines
over the decaying trunks being weakened by the hideous termites
a humming bird fluttered fast to punctuate that ironic ridicule
circling many a times the dried twigs both forward and backward
playfully stopping dead upward and downward
reaffirming the timeless joy and the agility it signifies
leaving nothing for me to moan further and onward

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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