Safi Hyder

Empty Spheres - Poem by Safi Hyder

In those empty spheres of life
Where none appears anytime
Neither the stunning splendor of the Sunshine
Nor the dazzling resplendence of the Moonlight
No room even for the stars from the Omega confines
Or the glittering showers off the Andromeda spines
All longing for a glimpse of the invisible radiant strides

The space enough to fit all the universe in just one strike
No seaming horizons to curtail the infinite sight
Yet, nothing more appealing to raise up the two eyes
All hues and shades losing their sheen in the same while
Vivid colors and lurid tones fading away with a quick whine
Each facet fully energized, but, oblivious of the space and time
And totally devoid of the laws of Newton and the Archemedian binds

The myriad thoughts, all exuberant with this amusing find
Eager to dissipate all that treasured within for so long a while
Endlessly swirling and surging like the Tsunamic tides
Each ebb and flow uniformly balancing those gigantic rides
Yet, lighter than the fluffy droplets formed off the dew-point
As pristine as the lustrous globules off the long misty nights
And lucid as the turquoise seas of the bygone Byzantine

Each voice too distinct, diverse and unique to be evenly rhymed
yet seamlessly integrating and subtly floating as if on the cloud nine
but causing no thunder in the Celestic layers of the heavenly skies
The words; meek, humble and sublime to the utmost point
instantly taking the shape of the Ayaats and Rubaais of the unknown times
The whispers; sweet, pleasing and melodious until the last mile
to envy the supple music resonating from a woodwind

The silence, voluminous to consume the inks of all the seven oceans
and the tears to fill the tens of Niles, Ganges and Amazons
The moans stirring the minds of the sages engrossed in timeless meditation
and the smile igniting a quick laughter yet causing no commotion
The imagination surpassing the wildest of the fictions heard or written
and the soul turning as lighter as the feather of an archangel
All wiping out the scars and the pains of the long separation

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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