Stone Statuary

I think I finally got it,
the truth in stone statuary

of course he felt better
you were near
the face was mine. long
looking, immeasurable

….I am stone
and wood and steel
and stars.

who just needs to
smile more
and remember who he is

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: muse
John Richter 09 April 2015

So evasive, yet revealing... I love the way that you declare such passion for whoever 'you' is (that was near) - using the statuary imagery to say that you sometimes forget to mention how much that this person means to you..... and that his/her presence makes you smile - and that you should reveal that more often..... That's just incredibly lovely in its simplistic, candid and beautiful way.... I'm wondering Cee, because I find this a lot with my own poetry. Do you find that often readers miss the meaning of poems like these? I use euphemisms a lot also and find that people rarely spend the time to garner their richness, perhaps too busy to really take the time to digest those meanings.... It's sad I think that such great poetry goes to the wayside for lack of interest. Oddly, another of your poems was chosen for 'Poem of the Day' today, which is what brought me to this one... The 'Modern Poem of the Day' was 'Days I Enjoy, ' by Victoria Sackville-West. I think she was ironically saying the same thing in her poem from 80 to 100 years ago.... I think 'Stone Statuary' is a marvelous poem.

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Cee Bea 09 April 2015

Thank you John for thoughtful reply, Most of the poetry I write I equate to snapshots of time, with dollops of emotion. I am always pleased when others enjoy them.

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