Charles Dawes

Stop. - Poem by Charles Dawes

nothing works.
everything is hard.
people suck.
screw it.

but every now and again
things come together.
take these oppurtunities
to be thankful.
use these instants to
get yourself out
of the rut in your life.
everything is bigger than you.
dont let yourself be
'clubbed into dank submission.'
everyday must have a moment
seen in color. everyone has
one moment in time that they
truly loved. find that moment.
fondle it, care for it.
but dont get caught up in it for too long.
life with pass you without saying goodbye.
and when if it does, dont cry over your
those around you will comfort thee and
pull you back into the light.
there are always people that care. search
them out. expose yourself for who you are.
throw out your dignity and pride,
life isnt made to be pleasant,
honesty is integrity.
expect failure, you will suprise yourself.
your behavior can turn your beliefs
in on your self.
forgive your self, everything
(with the exception of rape and murder)
can be forgiven.

of course I am only 17, going on 18.
I only know my own failures
along with my own shattered dreams and
but I am me. my life is mine.
it can become intangled
with others around me.
when it does I embrace it,
then eventually, I comb it out
and continue on.
some knots are bigger
and some come out easily.
but I take time to acknowledge them.

I can safely say that I
am ok. I have a whole life
spread out in front of me.
waiting with arms outstreched
and a smirk across its face.
because it knows whats waiting for me.
all the precious times
and all the stuff that goes along with it.
I cant wait.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 13, 2010

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