Stop Thief! Poem by Shel Silverstein

Stop Thief!

Rating: 2.8

Policeman, policeman,
Help me please.
Someone went and stole my knees.
I’d chase him down but I suspect
My feet and legs just won’t connect.

antoinette anderson 13 November 2017

someone stole my knees, can't run or case them my feet and legs wont connect i need the policeman he stole all i had my feet legs

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Rhonda Blanton 27 April 2018

first of all, how are you going to chase anyone down with no knees.That means you dont have any legs.

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Caroline gey 24 April 2018

i DoNt UnDeRsTaNd WhAt DoEs ThIs HaVe To Do WiTh My JoB.

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Caraoline 24 April 2018

i still dont understand what this has to do with policemen

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Laquandra 26 June 2018

This poem is so lame they could've kept that

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Marsha El Akkari 21 February 2020

Someone needed help from a police man

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ARYAN GOEL 22 July 2019

2/253 VIKAN KHan teaher is very bad

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alison 29 April 2019

Someone amputated? Wanted help from the policeman, or robbed and battered

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Fat joe 29 April 2019

I like it so so so so so much

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Fat joe 29 April 2019

I like it so so so so much

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