Strange Restaurant Poem by Shel Silverstein

Strange Restaurant

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I said, 'I'll take the T-bone steak.'
A soft voice mooed, 'Oh wow.'
And I looked up and realized
The waitress was a cow.
I cried, 'Mistake--forget the the steak.
I'll take the chicken then.'
I heard a cluck--'twas just my luck
The busboy was a hen.
I said, 'Okay no, fowl today.
I'll have the seafood dish.'
Then I saw through the kitchen door
The cook--he was a fish.
I screamed, 'Is there anyone workin' here
Who's an onion or a beet?
No? Your're sure? Okay then friends,
A salad's what I'll eat.'
They looked at me. 'Oh,no,' they said,
'The owner is a cabbage head.'

shelby smith 05 February 2018

help me please, im confused on what to do

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shelby smith 05 February 2018

istill dont understand what this has to do with children

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Julia 16 February 2019

What are you talking about? ? ?

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Janice Williams 16 June 2018

I don't understand what a restaurant have to do with children.

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Laquandra 26 June 2018

I couldn't go to a strange restaurant because you never know what they use in there food

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My Names Jeff! 28 May 2019

This poem is hilarious!

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SwedishandIrish 23 May 2019

Me and my friend are using this for a project, and it saved us!

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alison 29 April 2019

Beginning reminded me of the ads for Chick Filet. Would make a great cartoon

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alison 29 April 2019

would make a great cartoon beginning reminded me of chic filet

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Fat joe 29 April 2019


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