Storm Breaks Poem by William Kofoed

Storm Breaks

blacken clouds like boulders rumble
racing as spears of light flashed down
howling the air rips over the dark darkened land
tearing at all stand before it

wild crashing aquamarine peaks flung high
roaring thunder crashing trembles the very air
tearing ripping clawing at the shore
retreating waves pulling carrying away

banners wildly flapping in the tearing air
ripping torn to tatters streaming in the wind
symbols of mere men against nature fails
snapping popping flapping quickly torn away

trapped within the rock's cold
seeking to find escape
climbing up to the battlements
longing to be free

white linen by the wind and rain formed
pressed against the trembling flesh
hair blonde torn from the pins
flowing in the wind

towering above the crashing surf
bare rocks lie exposed by time
buttress mighty bearing up
ancient castle in the sky

water tears at tiny rocks
flowing they fall away
larger stones then are free
to slip and fall away

ancient way of Roman stone
ascends from plain below
twisting turning up mighty slope
to plateau where the castle reigns

armor tarnished no longer bright
dents and scratches beyond repair
stallion mounted ascending up
wearied by journeyed long

boulder great long buried within
beyond all knowledge of man
now kissed by the ocean waves
as surroundings stone washes away

dungeon steep cold and dank
begin to slip and crack
as cold water slips within
and founding stones slip away

quiet trembling grow beneath
movement slow begins
mighty rocks now slip away
roaring sea claims it all

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