Simone Graves

Story Time - Poem by Simone Graves

It could have been different
I told you in my dream last night
Haven't seen you in a while
I haven't seen you come around here since then

Thinking back on it now makes it all hurt fresh
when you screamed at me in the street
told me how much you loved me
then I died when you walked away

the grass was so cold
as my body temperature rose
and i cried for you to please come home
I didn't want you out there alone

But it was my fault you left that night
And now I haven't seen you in a while
And they all ask me why I get so high
I tell them it reminds me of our past times
Like I can connect to you once again
Back when we pretended to be just friends
we'd hide in shadows of the houses
and you'd kiss me like it was all okay
but it never was okay

I told your mom I still love you
I think she knows how much I still need you
and she told me sometimes you ask of me
ask her how i'm doing
and if the man that I am with
is treating me just like you would have
or if he hurts me the same way
that you hurt me when we were just kids

I am so scared of growing old
because i don't want to grow alone
we were supposed to grow together
remember back when we swore we were forever?
you were the carrots to my peas
and i would cry when you would leave
i know that we both tried our best
to try to change the circumstances

but somewhere we fell short
and now i smoke everynight on my porch
looking to see if you're around
but i heard somewhere you left this part of town
i need to let go of the hope
that someday you'll come back home
because the past is in the past
and darling fact is you're long gone

so i guess i'll leave too...

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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