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1. Story Time 5/29/2012
2. Admit It 5/29/2012
3. Carnival 6/10/2012
4. Move Me. 7/12/2012
5. I Think I'M Breaking Down Again 7/12/2012
6. I Couldn'T Breathe 7/20/2012
7. I Fell For A Tragedy 7/24/2012
8. My Love Is A Tree 7/28/2012
9. Another One About You 12/30/2012
10. Family Ties. 9/3/2013
11. Go Back 9/4/2013
12. Jealousy 9/10/2013
13. Perspective 9/10/2013
14. Unsent Letters 9/10/2013
15. If You Were A City 10/20/2013
16. Evening. 1/23/2016
17. Dark Haunting Memory7 2/23/2012
18. Tracing My Steps 2/25/2012
19. When You Cant Find A Title 5/29/2012
20. Dontdothat 2/23/2012

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panic stops here.
you never knew my motives
never questioned my thoughts on things
how could you go and blame me?
I was the bad guy, the one using you to feel not so alone
but you used me first, so can we just call it square?

maybe it would have been easier for you if i showed you my insides
I'll rip them out and lay them on the floor for you to search through
you could keep what you find, but i think you'd return them if you had a chance
i know if i had a second chance, I'd do exactly the same thing

you could never look me in the eye
never were able ...

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Story Time

It could have been different
I told you in my dream last night
Haven't seen you in a while
I haven't seen you come around here since then

Thinking back on it now makes it all hurt fresh
when you screamed at me in the street
told me how much you loved me
then I died when you walked away

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