Struggle & Strive Poem by Tasadduq Hussain

Struggle & Strive

Never start to think, you are doing the best you can
There is always a way to do better, with no limits to what you can.
If one door closes, another will open, so keep the hopes around
Don't let the closed door close your mind and miss the opportunities abound.
When feeling less fortunate than someone up around,
Look around, lot more people have lot less blessings than thine.
When the life seems in real chaos with no clue to refine
There’s always sunshine to brighten the day, the clouds are cleared and gone.

Never think only of sadness and sorrow you suffered in life so long,
Remember the joys and happiness that also came along.
Let past be past and believe in future with trust in self, mankind,
The only way to contentment is, to hope the best from divine.
Look beyond the obvious and reflect upon nature so sublime,
Dew drops on rose petals glittering in morning sunshine
Flowers on tender branches dancing in cool breeze
Birds jumping from branch to branch and chirping the songs in glee.

Rain had come to wash the beauty of nature around,
Now the deep blue sky and floating few clouds
Look down to enjoy the beauty they enhanced.
The designs of nature are much prettier than imagination of thine.

Lush green grass and cool breeze, bright sunshine and deep blue sky,
chirping birds, frolicking children with their innocent smiles around.
Time is stand still, is it heaven on earth, so beautiful relaxing divine.
Thank God Almighty who created this all for mankind.
So take a moment to see, absorb it all and go on
to do the better than the best, go on…Lets go on …Go on...and shine.

Tasadduq Hussain Ejaz

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