Silver Star - 3,185 Points (JUNE 7 1964 / ABERDEEN)

Stuck - Poem by GRANT FRASER

What is it
what it is
Is it what
It is what

Carved out
of a bigger
out of a bigger
block carved
carved a block
out of bigger
out of a block
carved bigger
block out
of a carved bigger
carved out
of a block bigger
bigger carved
out of a block
carved bigger block
out of a
out carved of a
bigger block

man frozen on chair
on chair man frozen
chair frozen on man
man on frozen chair
frozen chair on man
chair man on frozen
on man chair frozen
frozen man on chair
chair on man frozen
on frozen chair man
man chair on frozen
frozen chair man on
on chair frozen man
man on chair frozen
chair man frozen on
on frozen man chair

Eye lid rustling paper
paper rustling eye lid
rustling eye paper lid
lid eye paper rustling
paper lid eye rustling
lid paper rustling eye
rustling lid eye paper
lid eye rustling paper
rustling lid paper eye
lid paper eye rustling

drip drop
drop drip
drip drip
drop drop
drop drip

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Poem Submitted: Friday, March 29, 2013

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