A Chore I Suppose.... Poem by GRANT FRASER

A Chore I Suppose....

I smashed a yankee
candle in the bathroom,

glass shattering!
all around the bowl,

in it, picking out shards,

I tried to sleep, couldn't,
so I cleaned out Pluto's

this is the 'real',
with my brown robe
rolled up above the wrists,

there was some old baked
with a dry skin of orange
in a pan,
they looked slightly alien,
their little forms
all taut together,

then the Sun came out
and ran back in,

I didn't succeed
and then I did,
but only because
I formed the impression
that I had,
I still haven't,
but I have,
the arguement continues
into my fifties,

things will roll along
on their own accord,

conscience and guilt
always want to play with me,
what you do with all that
(serves you right) ,

maybe I'm turning into Anne Sexton?
(with the bits)

there's not enough humour,
and a lack of the real hiding
all around me,

I need laughing gas,
not Sylvia Plath,

(no offence Queen
of the she Poets,)

have to go and round
up all those scant things
I paint,

smudges of proof,
I don't know,
things to keep you sane,

and the word brush,
it makes a grimy splash,
on the big dirty
mantle of time....

Thursday, November 12, 2015
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Clarence Prince 27 January 2016

Smudges of proof, I don't know, things to keep you sane That sounds right! Thanks for sharing, Grant!

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Fabrizio Frosini 14 January 2016

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Fabrizio Frosini 20 December 2015

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