Piper Banks

Submission - Poem by Piper Banks

A two-syllable word containing six letters that make up a deadly craving
Desire ignites a flame within the depths of my soul that I fight to keep extinguished
To go about pretending that I do not yearn
That I do not ache
That my heart does not skip two beats
That the hair on the back of my neck does not stand on end
That I do not desire you
Your hazardous intoxication fuels my fire
The longing and craving tightens my throat and sends shivers down my spine
The frustration and anticipation in your presence is unbearable
My heart and soul are at emotional war with my mind
Every moment
Is you
Is your body
Is your smile
Is the curvature of your lips
The saltiness of your skin
The soft touch of your hands
Your breath on my neck..
You, my love, are the strongest love that I have never felt
You hold my heart captive within your grasp
You are the master of my emotions
Desire is the source of my complacency
I have no say
I have no choice
Desire has worked her devilish way into my heart
She laughs as I squirm but eventually succumb to the consequences
My palms sweat under her control
She causes my tongue to dry
And my stomach to shoot off fireworks
Around you,
I am in pain
I am in lust
It's as if I am being beaten and scoffed at by love
He chuckles at me as he kicks me in the heart
'You're pathetic' he cackles
'I do not love you'
'You hunger for a prize that you cannot win'
My heart overfloweth with
Thirst< br>Longing
That six-lettered devil called

Topic(s) of this poem: love

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, June 19, 2014

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