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Sucide: A Hoax - Poem by Writer Diaries

Today life isn’t simple as one thought
Rotating days bring everyday big rocks
Education isn’t about knowledge anymore
It is scoring and society status goal
Which take anxiety and interest for knowledge
As score don't build life but with society it crawls in
That’s why for some suicide is a common cure
As shortcut it can be called
life any minute can fall
As short way from miseries and way to heaven it is always thought
What we neglect are people with whom whole life we have stayed
Life is then only a cry which leads to end at a weak stage
Society is known for only its evaluation
School is now a place where a child desperately tries for rehabilitation
As marks always intervened and divide
tears would flow from eyes of those who we once called life
It is a shame as when we mark it is as a cure
But history wasn’t for those who have surrendered to this common cure
But died while protecting their dreams and chased their dreamt shore
But this can’t seen be as suicides but was a brave life side effects
As history always morn which long ago left
Hence do not morn on history as it is long gone
Focus on today and watch for future storms
So you can prepare or realize what can be your dreams
So you could live to tell your story and don’t believe in this shortcut
So don’t plan suicide as a life end stream
Try to make happiness and laugh with your new friends
As a family dies when their child die
Even earth cries when a child bare chest ashes flies
This task isn’t less than surrender
It is also a task of a weak and a life offender
Before it happen let’s make a try
Talk to those who had always come with smiles
See round and see what you can do
Leadership, writer or a follower which career you want to pursue
Pick up moments of past which can bring smile
Smile might be no longer have that much shine
But try is most important than a no try
As fans, roofs aren’t running away and we can have whenever we want to have our last earth flight
To end what our parents had began with a dream
Many times they screamed so we can live the life of their dreams
Suicide is helpful for those who want to quit what they have started long ago
As they bow down to situations whenever life went low
Instead of this let’s make what you have tried
As suicide doesn’t need much planning and time
So start working for the things you want to have
But do not follow the dreams that anybody had
Take life as a bull and run towards it and not away
As what needs fear is fear itself to have life what your dreams says

Topic(s) of this poem: life

Form: Catena Rondo

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, November 14, 2015

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