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Suicide - Poem by Jada McElrath

This Poem is dedicated to one of my dear friends who took his own life on 5/29/09. You will truly be missed.

S- Is for the soul that is searching for the
strength to be found, as the search becomes
brutal and lonely the strength turns into weakness.
Sadly, the soul is empty and lost,
therefore the hunger to fill the emptiness
can't be found.

U- Is for the unbelievable amount of pain one
endured.The soul is weak and the strength is lost,
but somehow pain seems to find strength
which lingers in the soul.

I- is for the individual who no longer
has the strength to carry on,
for the heavy and lonely heart
is way too much to bear.

C- Is for the corrupt mind that is influenced by
the hurt and torture of evil, which invades the
mind, weakened the body, and pains the soul.

I -is for the inner-child whose innocence is blinded
and can't be shown, for the individual refuses to see.
Therefore the inner-child can no longer endure the pain
and grows weak of trying to outgrow the evilness that
moves negativity into the corrupt mind which gives
the individual no strength to carry on.

D- Is for the doubt that the individual has.
The doubt that fears to run away from all the pain,
the doubt to look the into the inner-child and promise
not to let the shallowness of hate and misery take over;
The doubt of doubting which led the beat to no longer
go on for it has come to an end. The evilness targeted
the corrupt mind(the gun) gave the body strength to pull
the pain & suffering(the trigger) which exploded the
soul into an eternal life(the bullets) .

E- Is for the finding of eternity which captured
the lost soul and led the search to an end.
Throughout this journey the soul lost, the
unbelievable amount of pain, lost the
individual filled with weakness, lost the
evil corrupt mind, lost the doubt, and finally,
the individual found the strength
deep within to open his eyes and
see the innocence.
For the Child's reflection is now facing the Father for an eternity.

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