Leise Landreth

Suicide May Not Be Worth The Outcome

Suicide May Not be Worth the Outcome...?

My chin quivers,
I see in blurs,
Tears drip from my eyes,
My stomach stirs.

The blood is coming fast now,
Puddles form on the floor.
I can't believe this happened,
You don't love me anymore.

I squeeze my eyes shut,
I take a deep breath,
I relax my muscles,
Ready for my death.

Your words ring in my mind,
They play in my head.
'She left me' I utter,
Just before I fall dead.

Heh, I really did it,
I took my own life,
With my own two hands,
And one blood stained knife.

Now I sit in Hell,
Trying to remember what went on.
Remembering, I try to get away,
But my chance is long gone.

Im stuck here for life;
Just Satan and me,
In a nightmare,
Worse than any life could ever be.

There's more pain,
And the heartache's still here.
I cursed myself...
There goes another tear.


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Poem Submitted: Sunday, October 16, 2005

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