Patti Masterman

Summarily I Changed My World For You - Poem by Patti Masterman

Summarily, I changed my world for you,
Upended all the furniture of my mind,
Transposed the binary code of my being.
My fingerprints were elegantly lengthened,
My nose straightened; irises tinted
To your exact favorite shade of oceanic blue.
Everything freshly renovated, to your specifications.

And as soon as I got busy doing all that,
Your interest waned perceptibly; like the weathervane
I suspect it has always been.
Now you find ever more randomly furtive things,
To attach your kitestring mind to.
You have never looked at me again even once
And all the attention I attract now is unsatisfying.

Like laying out a party; but only the bees and the wasps show up.
Why does everyone else find my foliage acceptable,
When for you it holds negligible charms?
Or perhaps it was that my stores were always open to you,
Day after tiresome day, for free;
Always dependably sweet.
But maybe you had to do some real work, to appreciate a thing.

You would rather dig up something rancid, from a graveyard;
And crown it, and sit kissing it's foetid, sweating corpse all day;
As if your newly discovered treasure.
It must be because inside of you, it's already dead
And you wish someone would discover you, and breathe back some life.
But I tell you, only the bees and wasps are headed your way now:
For all that they love flowers; they can always sense the presence of death.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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