Summer Storm Poem by William Kofoed

Summer Storm

Long green grasses stir in the gentle breeze
bright summer sun beats down upon them
cool fragrant scent rises up into the air
carried across the land in the gentle breeze

bright blossoms of yellow shine in the sun
gently wave in the breeze as they follow the sun
their bright sent mixes into the air
gentle summer breeze carries the scent of life

land slowly rises curving up into the sky
forming into mountains covered in trees
rising high into the bright blue sky
beneath bright white clouds riding high

soft white flows higher climbing into the sky
slowly darkening turning to black
growing spreading covering the sun
casting shadows that cover and dark the land

now racing quickly covering the bright sky
breeze now quickening turning to wind
grasses now thrashing whipped by its strength
flowers whip wildly torn by the wind

in the distance rain now falls down
growing ever fiercer beating the land
coming ever nearer like a battle line
as bright flashes appear in the sky

sound barely heard whispers distantly
growing quickly louder coming nearer
rumbles mutter distantly heard
growing ever louder becoming roars

drops now falling gently down
growing quicker harder now too
hitting yellow blossoms violently hard
blossoms close tightly curling hard

grasses assaulted by falling drops
their weight crushing beating to the ground
flattened into the soil quickly turning to mud
under dark sky roaring so loud

darkness is broken by bright flashing light
thunder covers sound of rain falling down
cold wind roars carrying away all warmth
all life is crushed by the storms might

rainfall slackens fading slowly away
dark clouds rise lifting away
sunlight slowly pierces reaching the ground
wind fades again to gusting breeze

dark clouds race quickly away
sunlight now falls fully on the ground
steam rises into warming breeze
grasses drying lift again into the sky

blossoms drying opening slow
petals opening into the sun
fragrance again filling the air
with scent of grasses already there

distant mountains rise into the sky
shining in sunlight covered in trees
soft white clouds slowly fading away
leaving the broad bright blue sky

Saturday, December 7, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: poetry
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