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Sunset - Poem by vivian mao

As the day went by I wondered how it will end. How will I be able to survive the terrible horror of the day. When the day ends and sunsets, it's over for the both of us. The start was long ago, but now it is the end of it all. There isn't any solution to fix the problem of it all. The end is hard to be stopped. WHen it ends the day can't be a help to us, not one bit of help, that is how strong the end is. Even if you expect the time being. In the day it is as bright as the sun, but when it ends then it's time for you to say goodbye to the light. When the sun is set then the horror begins with a never ending to it, but we are over that is what matters most and hurts the most. The horror is many things in life, but one thing. It's not a good thing to interact with. Once you do, it all over mostly your life is over. There is a won't be a chance to get away once it gets to you, you won't be able to live. There is nothing that could stop the horror. Even if it is just out there, anywhere, but if it gets you. You will be doomed for life. It will seek for new people but only if it wants to.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 4, 2008

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