Superstition Poem by Niki Nicholas Nkuna

Niki Nicholas Nkuna

Niki Nicholas Nkuna

BURGERSFORT (Leeufallei farm or Ga- Makwakwasi)


The sound of the story being related is audible and loud
Most people have heard it
It is prevalent like air in our midst and within us
Almost part of our lives
Causes excitement, fear, consternation, sickness or even death
Its origin obscure as it is, it is believed to be industrious all the time
The night being the height of its nefarious marauds
Because obscurity is married to darkness

Uncannily people believed that it exists and its presence felt
Let alone its effects which are physical and psychological
As a result of conjectures albeit no physical or air blows
Rumours of its existence play havoc in peoples' lives
Causing hatred, injury or death to all genre of species
In small numbers and / or, in big numbers
All through believe of its existence and menace

Like some incurable disease it is a plague with no cause and makeup
Rumours abound endlessly burdening the minds that ask endless questions
What is it? When did it happen? How did it happen? What's the effect like?
Most effective in the mind
Usually comes out smouldering or smoking high in wanton destruction
Underlined by misguided reason of intention and deed
Again, arousing a myriad of questions which are never answered
Except in rumour that lead to resentment, fights, injury or death

It started many years ago as long as history can tell
Blighting homes, communities, and villages to this day
Incorrigible to the minds of boffins and technocrats
When the alleged cause of death is attributed to it
Vengeance wreaks havoc high, especially in congruence with believe
Sometimes dormant as a large snake in hibernation
Its venom spits high when provoked
We have seen the plunder of its spittle in Marikana
Believe you me, its might will still survive the rain of tears and mock
It is smouldering in Marikana even today and will emigrate like an insidious disease
Incurable in homes, communities and villages and maybe the world over

NNkuna,23 June 2014

superstition os misterious, nobody knows how it works
Niki Nicholas Nkuna

Niki Nicholas Nkuna

BURGERSFORT (Leeufallei farm or Ga- Makwakwasi)
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