Niki Nicholas Nkuna Poems

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Summer Time In South Africa

Summer time in South Africa ushers in hot weather, rainy days,
Sprouting of miscellaneous creatures from the mother earth,
Plants, insects, snakes coming out of hibernation,
Everything natural becoming beautiful,

Going In And Out Empty Handed

Everything provided for in the game
Equally true for the battle of the earth
All things bright and beautiful,
big and small, tall and short

Lost Identity

I can't live free, one way or otherwise,
I'm tied permanently by my legs, hands, heart and mind,
The psychology of slavery,
I do everything willingly, happily in form of lost identity,

Beauty Today, Ugly Tomorrow

Beauty and ugliness everywhere
Beauty in the eyes and mind of the admirer
Ugliness in the eyes and mind of the hater
Transformational reconstruction everywhere,

The Matriarch

The launch pad was high by the bravery of the matriarch
Certain about the arduous road she had taken
The only one that leads to the last mile
When the ululations would transcend the boundaries of Africa into the rest of the world


The sound of the story being related is audible and loud
Most people have heard it
It is prevalent like air in our midst and within us
Almost part of our lives

The Force Of Gravity

The battle against the force of gravity is an exercise in futility,
A win is temporary or is a fluke,
Opinionated people have constantly hit against the brick wall,
Highly intelligent boffins have designed instruments of high precision,


I remembered the pangs of love
I remembered the pangs of lust, yes, that's right the pangs of lust
Hurting my heart through my eyes

Snake In The Grass *

Slithering so smooth, soothing all edges for all people to walk on
Safely except for one who is marked upper most by the evil mind
Overwhelming green colour of the grass
With the almost invisible dull streak

Namib Desert

I am in the middle of Namib Desert,
And I'm thirsty,
Besides a walk to a far distance,
I won't survive,

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