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**surgeons** (Romantic Poem)

Rating: 3.1

</>And surgeons disagreed with each other
Dr / Hussam: excise all the tumors
Dr / Salah: treat him by radiotherapy and chemotherapy
Dr / Mokhles: leave him to die
His mother was crying
While he was smiling
Then asked her Mum, think with me
The cancer enlarges everywhere
and its cells swim in my blood

its cells are undifferentiated
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Saturday, March 12, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: love hurts
Nusa Fis 15 March 2011

cute. it seems romantic to u? : _))

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nesma salah 06 June 2015

Love u ??

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 30 October 2012

A touching fantastic poem!

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Jenefer Lopez 27 December 2011

Doctors or any one else can't treat the pain of the lover.except his beloved.that is true

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John Raubenheimer 03 November 2011

I love this poem which loves life...it's poignant and funny, it has everything.

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Elena Sandu 15 May 2011

'it is from my heart and when it grows, my heart grows so I loved the whole world and loved its creator cancer cells which went every where visited my fingers so I wrote the poems haunted my brain and caused some pain' Is it written for us to open hearts only by comming close to big pain? When there is no hope for self, an inner fire ball starts to grow giving a different light and warm toward the whole world? ! The inner fire doesn't make differences it spreads to seen and unseen things? ! I think that maybe the inner fire ball I could call true love.. You seem to have found it, let us know more about it, thank you for share,10

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