Anji Carter

Sweet Baby Sugar-Lips - Poem by Anji Carter

Sweet baby 'Sugar Lips',
His minuscule Lolita.
Coaxing kisses,
His tributes must attend.
Pensive, pursed, precocious?
What distance is the vista?
When metering the vision
Much depends upon the lens.

Baby's breathy echoes, softly...
... ' Woman...? '
...'did they hear us? '
'Can you hear them? '
Who is listening?
Who is down there?
Just a moment, ..I am listening..
..Is there anybody there?
Is there anybody down there at the bottom of the stair?

There is a body,
Just a small one
...and its up here and its lovely,
It's so lovely, and so precious...
It's so very, very rare.
Who could blame him that he cares?
It's not his fault, ..must be her fault,
She's the only one who's there,
...are you really being fair?

Sweet apple
Like none tasted
Angel's cider fills this fountain
Forms the frosting on this cup.
How he loves to drink it up!
Deadly poison that word 'You'
Curls its teeth into this pleasure.
Venomous description
...painful is its bite.

Foaming waves of such discomfort
Crash the beaches of derision...
Can you ride them?
Are you trying?
Do you think that you might break?
Was it thus
...that first mistake?

Egypt might have blessed this love
That may have kissed a princess.
Praised the love that conquered
Like a lion in the brain.
Centuries have shamed the beast,
Stone is its arena.
They didn't draw its claws
, ..but they've shorn its golden mane.

Secret as the silent Sphinx,
...cradled in his clutches
His game is far too precious too abort!
Now the stars are spinning
As new galaxies are wheeling,
The Moon's fixed in her heaven,
But she knows how to cavort..! !

Poet's Notes about The Poem

As a child I suffered incestuous abuse. Years later as an adult I was trying to explain the effects this has had upon my life. An acquaintance suggested it might be another approach to try to imagine what may have been in the mind of my abuser. His viewpoint! This poem is my attempt to do just that.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 16, 2012

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