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1. Sweet Baby Sugar-Lips 4/16/2012
2. When The Winds Of Heaven Dance 4/16/2012
3. In Different Moods 4/16/2012
4. Confused Again 4/16/2012
5. The Seasons Of Thought 4/16/2012
6. Awareness 4/16/2012
7. Mercury Is The Moment 4/16/2012
8. You Began With Me 4/16/2012
9. From My Attic, Dreaming 4/16/2012
10. Thoughts 4/16/2012
11. Dreams 4/16/2012
12. Confusion 4/16/2012
13. At The Blues 4/16/2012
14. Where Are You Now? 4/26/2012
15. Oh Ts Can You Hear Me? 4/26/2012
16. I Am A Thought 4/26/2012
17. Knock 5/5/2012
18. The Parrot 5/5/2012
19. To Spring 5/5/2012
20. Escape From Reality 5/5/2012
21. I'Ve Learnt How To Walk In The Sunshine 5/5/2012

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When The Winds Of Heaven Dance

When the winds of Heaven dance
Can you recognize the rhythm
Is it something that you're sure
You've heard before?

When they glance across your cheek
Do you recognize their vision?
Did you see that look once
Gazing through some door?

Does Paradise exist
Within the essence of your being?
Have you felt the sun's rays
Kissing on your shores?

Have you chased the stars
With childish mirth
And spun each in its path?
Found rainbows in each teardrop
And muscles as you laughed?

Do the wings you have lie folded
Tightly strapped...

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Sweet Baby Sugar-Lips

Sweet baby 'Sugar Lips',
His minuscule Lolita.
Coaxing kisses,
His tributes must attend.
Pensive, pursed, precocious?
What distance is the vista?
When metering the vision
Much depends upon the lens.

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