Sword Song Poem by Xavier Thomas

Sword Song

In thus be amazed, all ye peoples and never forget this ye angels, ye blessed servants of God.
His mercies toward me are never-ending and his greatness untold.
He so loved the world his own Son sold.
Get thee behind me, sinners and saintly lies
My God has given me 7 alibis
His guise is never-ending in love and his heart is pure as gold, making me bold
I'm sold
Unfold the banner
Let the Holy City Planner
Plant his flag here, now there's no more fear
Noone near is cien wrong
But all mundo strong
In heart and praise giving sun rays and pays that last the whole day
Blessed are the dismayed
If they will say the Lord is my hope and may he help me cope in the world
He will do this and yet more
He will open the store of heaven
Himself the Holy Leaven
To give bread to the bereft and seven-times Oppressed
Distressed and unkept, unkempt
Giving them a redemption total in conviction saying well done servant
YOU deserve it
All the while guiding me with a smile
Carrying me without guile
All the while, blessing me in style
All the while my marvel and praise
Get thee here Sun's rays
I need a healing today
I'm blessed to be in the house of the Lord, God bless

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