Derek Webster

Tainted Angel - Poem by Derek Webster

Once I was an angel,
Living in the sky;
In a world of purity,
Where everything was white;

My robe was soft and flowing,
The fabric made of silk;
The garment was clean and radiant,
With a color white as milk;

My wings were large and majestic,
And angel's symbol and pride;
They shimmered with holy light.
And were something I would never hide;

I had a halo above my head,
That gave a golden hue;
It always glowed and shimmered,
Appearing as if it was new

Everything seemed to be perfect,
But that would never be so;
There were those among the angels,
That had other seeds to sow;

'Be wary of suspicious angels, '
My father said to me;
'They will bring you downward,
And you will never be freed; '

I always heeded my father's advice,
Knowing he was wise;
He had lived much longer than I,
And I could see it in his eyes;

But that was all about to change,
My life would never be the same;
I did not see what was happening,
When she started the game;

The day was just like any other,
The sun was shining bright;
I was out with all my friends,
And everything felt right;

Then I saw another angel,
Who walked with perfect grace;
She outshined all that were nearby,
And wore a smile upon her face;

Despite what my father said,
I approached her without thought;
She appeared to be innocent enough,
And I didn't think I might be caught;

Her smile grew when I approached,
I felt myself drawn closer in;
I became lose in her beautiful looks,
Not knowing of that game to begin;

She spoke to me very warmly,
Saying many flattering things;
I took her words into my heart,
Not knowing the trouble that they might bring;

I quickly became attached to her,
Calling her one of my closest friends;
I left my emotions out in the open,
Declaring I would follow her to the end;

My father found out and warned me again,
Saying that something about her wasn't right;
But I ignored him and judged for myself,
Because he wouldn't stop me, or put up a fight;

She told me she loved me, and I told her the same,
Letting myself grow even closer to her;
My heart was wide open for her to have,
But I didn't expect what would happen soon after;

One day she approached me, smiling as always,
And she came even closer to me than before;
I felt like she meant the world to me,
And this feeling had penetrated me to the core;

She asked me to follow with a smile so soft,
I agreed without thought, not knowing my plight;
She began to fly, and I followed close by,
Not knowing my end was shortly in sight;

I followed her to the ends of the earth,
And soon we stopped in the air;
She turned around and gazed into my eyes,
With the sun glistening in her hair;

She moved closer to me and I felt my heart skip,
My world became lost in a blur;
She reached up and put a hand on my cheek,
Giving a soft, catlike purr;

She lowered her hand slowly to my chest,
And I could feel my heart beating quick;
She trailed a finger gently across,
And for a moment, seconds ceased to tick;

Then a rumble echoed through the air,
And I realized the trouble I was in;
I looked around, then gazed back to her eyes,
And she gave an unsettling grin;

She thrust her hand forward and into my chest,
Taking ahold of my heart;
She tore it out with a yank of her arm,
Taking my soul and tearing it apart;

I reached for her as she drifted away,
Shocked by what she had done;
The rumbling grew louder, deafening my ears;
And clouds began to darken the sun;

Lightning began to strike all around,
And I realized that my existence was through;
I had been lured by the angel's cunning trap,
And there was now nothing that I could do;

I cried out for help as she turned to look back,
But she scoffed and shook her head;
I felt myself sink as she turned once more,
Knowing my spirit was dead;

A bolt of lightning came down from above,
Tearing through my angelic wings;
I could do nothing but watch as I fell,
Hearing angels beginning to sing;

But the song wasn't one of joy or gladness,
Rather, it was of lament;
They mourned over my loss in the heavens,
Knowing where I was about to be sent;

I watched the sun fade as I continued to fall,
Then soon landed roughly on the ground;
I laid without moving for a long period of time,
Not hearing or making a sound;

Feathers glided down gently from above,
Ripped from my wings that earlier were whole;
They landed around me and laid in the dirt,
Coming to rest, surrounding the lost soul;

I lifted my head, my eyes stained with tears,
But instead of the clouds, I only saw flames;
I was forever condemned by the choice I had made,
Because I was a victim of the insidious game;

My robe was torn from my fall to the earth,
My halo now blackened by fire;
My wings were shredded and stained by the dirt,
My situation nothing but dire;

I was now forced to spend my days,
Burning my feet on hot coals;
My wings were forever torn by the flames,
For I was banished to a realm of lost souls;

And thus I was forever sealed to my fate,
Because I ignored the warnings and fell;
I had been struck down by a servant of evil,
Known only to the world as a Tainted Angel

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