Take Grace Original 08 02 2019xx Poem by Lee Mack

Take Grace Original 08 02 2019xx

Charlotte, NC 28269

08 02 2019 GRACE… Take
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GRACE… will take it there
Washington, DC, Charlotte
And Jamestown caucuses;
Words light up as darkroom images
Already realized pictures
Divulge the take. Grace.
Clearly made numenal in heart and mind,
Struggle with other darkroom thoughts;
Time is another ear and eye
Come soon into focus,
A woman alone walks pass
Leaving her image on three by five
And 8.5/11 sheets of papyrus,
Carved in sermons on rocks,
And focus of Pi ordained
Hanging by spindle
To wobble in natural lack and hunger.
Congresses using Trump and secrets
Hold cards of executive privilege
Date night lights shine too bright.
Capitol Hill parks provide no bench
Have hidden sources no reserve?
No gross global expenditure?

08 02 2019
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Taken from economy. Laboratory
And game theory
Searches go on, looking
For capital balance
Without integrity
Only to discover and stake salvation
Marked by soft cyber-boundaries
And plastering by hardboard walls.
Secrets record secretly;
Every time is a secret given,
Ever accounting for equivalence
Of productivity
Of money and currency re-represented
In an equation: E = M(C) sq.
An honest producing labor capital sector,
A responsible [intinction] integrity
Producing financial capital sectors;
Lined by hedgerow
To enable differential infinities
To adhere or limit
Ethical [money] motive production
Diametrically circumcised culture
Re-represented in Pi; the diagonal
To circumference ratio 3.14159;
Privilege does not protect worlds
And national gross economic politic,
Information secrets
For rational, open,
And communicative reasons.
The woman passes again
In the same direction,
Duration must. Her name?

08 02 2019
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Adam mouths secret names resounding
Shapes of meta-hertz technologies.
Her name, bloom from gardens
Organic paint livens alien landing strips
There… where rivers border and tongue lap
Widest two directions of tidal wave
Desert dune and sweetened beach sand
Take. Jesus and intinction were she
‘Jackie', out for the swim,
Grace will vote her technology
With Facebook's friends requested,
Grace will take khemistry of soil
From the darkroom… into light.
Truth and worthiness hang values
Possessed by 7.4 billion people.
Taken as a demographic unsparing unsocial
Nonwhite and white poor of all our people
Kept unaware of 2600 Amerite US billionaires
[3 identify as having wealth of 100 billion;
6 identify as 50 billion;
9 identify as 25 billion;
175 identify as having wealth of 8 billion;
700 identify having 4 billion;
1650 identify having 1 to 2 billion;
43,000 identify having wealth
Of 1 to 999 million.
Number of dollars and record of demography
Represents vague image of the real Pi value
Of economic constructs, Education
Reconstructions, and income prefabrication
Without job intimidation.
Direction take.

Take...Take it its mine
Lee Mack

Lee Mack

Shelbyville Kentucky
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