Take It Truth

Take it truth and fix the lie
That lives beneath the soul.
The one that everybody seems to know
The lie that where truth don't get told.

Can you take it truth and fix it
To set this undercover world free.
To reveal the evidence of being untold
To reveal how easy it is for truth to see.

The fabrications of some people who know the truth
But still accuse others and lie.
Choosing to degrade and bruise themselves
And take a lie to the grave when they die.

They pour lies in the spirit of innocent children
Calling them abusive names and such.
They pour falsehoods into vulnerable adults
Truth take it its costing Life too much.

Their lives are toxic but retractable
Their lives are of doubt and mistrust.
Their lives become so empty and tainted
They even call good friendships lust.

They create lies and talk to others
And make it be what they said was you.
They'll have others believing them
What is a picked on soul to do?

Take it truth and fix the lie
That others may see not as it seems.
Take it truth and fix the lie
So that others may fulfill their dreams.

This hindering spirit of lies
Makes the strongest of men break.
Truth take it and fix it
Before the world is destroyed by this hate.