LOUHOJONG mora nodi

LOUHOJONG mora nodi
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Tale Of Sufferings.....3....Spirituality..

tale of sufferings.....03
it is called spiritualiTy..
he who has begun to correct himself has alreay begun not to criticize others...the path is at first smooth but after some stages it is slippery...
After Farj IBADAT but ur FARJ is not Correct as u have not Cleaned ur Baatin/ inner self...no its not my RESEARCH but RESEARCH of an ALIM...why he called all the ALIMs to vow to a KAMIL wali? he is MAULANA RUMI Rta...now relize who is REAL alim.... who is HE?
people want to say they know many things mainly of religions but are not interested to be a real religious persons as they don't know how to correct themselves or why to correct them! !
''Elm- the wisdom - elm -e-mokashfa is called Elme-e- batin! It purifies your heart/mind! It saves your Elme-e-Jaher(xternal) ! Jahir+ baten make you Alim(wise) ! You need Jahiri corrections from books and Teachers! Can't avoid the Batini correction form a Kamel wali! Otherwise only wos woasa is created in the Mind! Jahiri(xternal) Elm doesn't give Hal or zozba/enthusiasm! Asheki Elm/Bateni Elm is the real elm! It only shows the Real way to Allah! It removes the Rust of Gomrahi(pride/ mood) ! It removes the Greed of worldly things! It gives the fear of Allah and Muhabbat(love) for Him! Elm becomes SNAKE if it works on the body! Elm becomes Friend when it works on the mind! Need not Batini Eslah(correction) ? ? ?
You can get Elme batin if you do have PRIDE! If you are after the world and always on your won will; you can't get Batin! Which Elm is Farj? Elm of the Holy Quran and holy Hadis! Amols of Baten are also farj! Avoidance of Ria(showy mood) , pride, arrogance, greed and taking ikhlas are Amols(activity) of Batin! Without Allah's order nothing can even move! Allah is ever free and forgives whoever he likes and torture whoever he wishes! And last of all- -Jaheri ibadat(xternal practices of religion/prayers) gives you one Quality! Batini ibadat gives you 99 qualities!
The Holy QURAN says: : 'If you are truthful believer, then depend on (tawaak-kul) Allah! '
‘If you worship him then, do praise of (shokr/ gratitudes) Him! '
‘Have patience (sobr) , and except Allah's help you can't make patience (sobr) ! '

‘Cutting all relations, rush to Him(ALLAH) ! '
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Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: religious