LOUHOJONG mora nodi

LOUHOJONG mora nodi
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Tale Of Suffering....4....Spirituality

tale of sufferings.....04.... it is called spiritualiTy..
he who has begun to correct himself has already begun not to criticize others...the path is at first smooth but after some stages it is slippery...who is that person wants to change his bad natures into good one is rare or not resolute! if so then why not search the master who can help you or the process that can be tested by you or read the material? ? this is the SPIRITUALITY matter and none is eager to LEARN it or as it is not EASY task they Say...this is the Sorrowful matter human ever not try...
when a man realizes his inner dignity then he begins to Control his body and its hunger of animality; as a result in the hidden PORT of his body becomes luminous! these Luminous stations or Ports are called LATIFA by the Language of Tariqa! Stations in the body to be purified like the messengers of Allah! It is called mystic mouth. Former researchers described the human being had ten parts—five material, five immaterial. The lower level of the material parts consisted of the Lower Soul (nafs) and the four elements (fire, air, earth, and water) , while the higher level consisted of the five lata'if: the Heart (qalb) , Spirit (ruh) , Mystery (sirr) , Arcane (khafi) , and the Super-Arcane (akhfa) . As per salamabad silsila human has 11 latifa: a. immaterial part of subtle mouths -kwalb, ruh, sirr, khafi, akhfa & nafs! b.material part of subtle mouths: abb, atosh, khak, badd, khala! Six Subtle Mouths are in your body. You cannot see them Just bringing them in your will as if you see For meditation target them: - As your spiritual power to see is not open It is dark & veiled by the screen of dirt of sins! Kwalb is Two fingers under your right nipple! Ruh is Two fingers under your left nipple! Siir is In the middle of the chest (measured from two nipples) ! khafi is In the middle of the forehead! Akhfa is In the middle of the head (the soft place moves of a baby) ! Nafs is The middle of the Naval root! These are fleshes of Noor said by the spiritual scholar like prof. MA Khalek rta of Brahmon baria in the book sirajus saalikin! Some Latifa are constituent part of the Body You feel them & see them if not but try and believe! Ub is the part of the body which is in liquid form, Atosh is the part of the body that we feel as heat (fire) ! Khuk is the part of the body as formed from the soil! Baad is The whole body has airy substance! Khwala is the vacuum in the body! Natures of the Lotifa can be changed by Zikir during Morakaba(meditation) ...

ta ba Conta....

Saturday, May 6, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: religious