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Teach The Children

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It's a blessing to teach our children, in life that's how they grow.
The things they see in life are pictures of some things they should know.
When given your baby at birth you should train yourself to be
As close to perfect in living you're a parent now, with a family.
There's things that are except able as parents we can still do,
But respecting yourself in manner will help your child to respect you, too.
Teach your children the basic rules "Thank You", "Yes" and "Please".
"Excuse me Mommy or Daddy", "Uncle John, would you help me please".
"Auntie I love being with you", "Can you show me how this is done".
And learn to show affection to your child it gives them character and self esteem.

They'll need that at the end of their day when they reflect in silence or pray.
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Michael Rhoden 07 September 2012

Excellent themes, use shorter lines unless you want very free verse, since about teachings maybe more discipline in meter. countered with playful meters, not much ABABA form if so? ? ?

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Michael Rhoden 07 September 2012

Excellent thoughts, just make the flow smoother and cut out a, an, and the's etc to trucate but sont stilt

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