Teardrops In The Rain Poem by Emily Wallace

Teardrops In The Rain

Black clouds surround me
Wind blowing feirce
Dark skies above me
Thunder for me to hear.

Hot turns to cold
Cold turns to freezing
Sun that looks like gold
It turns to seething.

My skin full of shivers
My heart full of glass
My lips full of quivers
The dew on the grass.

Drops of rain
Feel like ice
Fall again and again
Touch like a knife.

Rain hitting water
Or water hitting rain
Smells like my father
Fills me up with pain.

Eyes full of tears
Ears full of sound
Head full of fears
No one to hear me drown.

Tears fall to my lips
Moving very slowly
Drop on my fingertips
Feeling very lowly.

Thunder explodes inside me
Thunder booms around me
Lightning burns inside me
Lightning strikes around me.

My hair going wild
My face in the storm
My heart beating mild
My soul feeling torn.

My eyes feel like fire
My life feels unreal
I'm feeling very tired
The storm feels surreal.

Wind that chills
Heart thats torn
Blood that stills
Voice thats worn.

No one to hold me
No one to see
My soul beating in pain
And my teardrops in the rain.

Rose-marie Mitchell 11 February 2010

Very nice poem. I really think the title is aplicable also.

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