😥Tears😥 Poem by GST GST


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Ask me why these sad tears stream,
Why these bright eyes sweep,
Wonder! Why? they flow,
Memories, Memories they say,
Tears roll down for his memories

I saw him as it before,
His eyes were as glow as sun,
His smile were as blow of rainbow,
And his presence a great to all,

I saw him midst the light,
A ray of hope shine in bright,
And his care full of haves,
His, presence a great to all,

Tears roll so sad, so sad, that no more,
Smile sink, eyes dim, light blow, rainbow fade,
Hope of rays disappear at once,
Care & concern gave away for all,

Ah! sad and strange feel grim me,
That days are no more,
My heart full throbbed away me,
Tears, tears roll down a lane,

Creator they great O Creator thy great,
Take away the tears for the roll again and again,
Pray only for he find rest in peace, wish I,
No more tears, No more tears tears,
O! Creator thy Great.

Saturday, August 29, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: brother
Varsha M 29 August 2020

Tears are eye cleaner Tears are heartache reliever Let them fall down Carrying all malice pollution Creating vision disorientation Until my thoughts are relieved Of every bit that is troublesome. Beautiful composition. Thank-you for sharing.

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