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15 June 2020

A mindset so planned To Nurture nature Earth Never Robs Earth of itself.

15 June 2020

Hostility with self Curbs all that's well.

13 October 2020

Time of test Ocean of opportunity Mind of glory Soil of maturity Affair of proximity.

23 December 2020

Mistakes can be a stepping stone Only and only If We deligently crack The teaching mystery it holds within.

25 December 2020

पलकों मे जो सजाया था उमीद के दिए से जिसे ज़िंदा रखा था आज चमक रहा है दूर आसमान पे टिमटिमाता तारा बनके।।

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Venkat 06 April 2020


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Varsha M 05 January 2021

I saw your comment in story mirror too. I visited this page that was good. But now it doesn't open.

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Rajnish Manga 09 September 2020

Varsha Madhulika has come up with a new promise and energy on this Forum. She has fire to write about social issues and subjects that affect us all in some way or the other. Her poetry explores self as well as the world around. She writes with passion and also contributes wholesomely through her comments and feedback on the poems written by her fellow poets. My greetings and Good wishes to her.

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Varsha M 05 January 2021

Thank-you sir for your detailed review.. thank-you so much.

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Varsha M 05 January 2021

Thank-you Sir for your detailed review and best wishes. With you all i learn a lot.

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Smith is Swain is Smith

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Dr Dillip K Swain 03 September 2021

This poetess is a wonderful asset to this august poetry site! May God bless her to have an uninterrupted poetic journey!

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 03 September 2021

Hi Varsha, i am so happy to see you back. I really missed your presence in Poem Hunter. Glad your are back. God bless you Varsha.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 19 August 2021

I have only superlatives for dear Varsha, God's greatest Blessings may fall upon you! Amen.

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Deluke Muwanigwa 15 February 2021

Varsha! Varsha! Varsha! Her second name contains a rhyme to my name. A poetess of note.

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The Best Poem Of Varsha M

The Open Door

Everything seems beautiful
Under the shade of hour glass.

Falling sand on hour glass
Encompasses every of my wish.

Explicit wish I wove
Materialized on time.

Right on the very time
I entered the open door.

Not always will the open door
Give me opportunity to enter.

Respect the time and opportunities
Which might not remain open for long.

Test of perseverance is tough
Elongating it breaks the bone.

Trusting on the unseen is toughest
Walking on this path is challenging.

Varsha M Popularity

Varsha M Popularity

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