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Everything seems beautiful
Under the shade of hour glass.

Falling sand on hour glass

S to a mile
Turns it sublime
Ever since I stepped in here
With a smile on my face

What makes love great?
The tiny moments we dwelt.
The lingering drive we felt
And the longing we swelt.

Ah! How much I long to be right
But see it's always the wrong
Yes the wrong which I caught
Making my life an open pond

No woman in love
With her hubby
Ever choose to say
I can't wait for thee

Tiptoeing like a curious child
across the waves of clouds
in the afternoon so proud
inviting me for a ride.

The scent of vanilla
In my garden villa
On auspicious night
Call me to blight

Sunita Grover Raina

Lovers stare at moon
I would rather stare at you

Nursing was never her desire
Life was not happy to give her another offer
Failure was what haunted her
Amidst all that was dipped in brilliance.

Emerald of life
One conceive
With hope to receive
Goodness it sprinkle

The bloom of moon
In milky white robe
Mesmerized every hope
That thought to shine once.

The time spent together
Just me and you and the air
Playing symphony greater,

She thought she had power
Only to discover
Humility is above hour
Scribbling all that matter

We talk about compromise
We talk about sacrifice
When it comes for family life
Everything seems possible

Joyous are the moments
Outing with loved ones
Right under the sun
Sitting on grass lawn

Give and receive
Are the two businesses we conceive
But, give always supersedes receive

Morning bliss is glorious
Never miss it ever please
The kissing rays of sun
Making your globe to struggle


Rose phoenix
From ash mix
Please fix
What tax

Is this what I should choose,
To worry or not to worry,
For every step I wish to lift,
Activates millions of neurones,

New year a social construct
Yet purpose is to bring the best.

Over the span of three sixty- five days

The Best Poem Of Varsha M

The Open Door

Everything seems beautiful
Under the shade of hour glass.

Falling sand on hour glass
Encompasses every of my wish.

Explicit wish I wove
Materialized on time.

Right on the very time
I entered the open door.

Not always will the open door
Give me opportunity to enter.

Respect the time and opportunities
Which might not remain open for long.

Test of perseverance is tough
Elongating it breaks the bone.

Trusting on the unseen is toughest
Walking on this path is challenging.

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Venkat 06 April 2020


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Varsha M 05 January 2021

I saw your comment in story mirror too. I visited this page that was good. But now it doesn't open.

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Rajnish Manga 09 September 2020

Varsha Madhulika has come up with a new promise and energy on this Forum. She has fire to write about social issues and subjects that affect us all in some way or the other. Her poetry explores self as well as the world around. She writes with passion and also contributes wholesomely through her comments and feedback on the poems written by her fellow poets. My greetings and Good wishes to her.

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Varsha M 05 January 2021

Thank-you sir for your detailed review.. thank-you so much.

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Varsha M 05 January 2021

Thank-you Sir for your detailed review and best wishes. With you all i learn a lot.

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Dipak Adhya 04 April 2023

After a long days I am reading your poem...solace of my soul...regards.

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Dipak Adhya 15 March 2023

Hope your journey in the train of poem is as usual as before...carry on my dearest poet...

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Smith is Swain is Smith

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Dr Dillip K Swain 03 September 2021

This poetess is a wonderful asset to this august poetry site! May God bless her to have an uninterrupted poetic journey!

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 03 September 2021

Hi Varsha, i am so happy to see you back. I really missed your presence in Poem Hunter. Glad your are back. God bless you Varsha.

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Varsha M Quotes

A mindset so planned To Nurture nature Earth Never Robs Earth of itself.

Hostility with self Curbs all that's well.

Time of test Ocean of opportunity Mind of glory Soil of maturity Affair of proximity.

Mistakes can be a stepping stone Only and only If We deligently crack The teaching mystery it holds within.

पलकों मे जो सजाया था उमीद के दिए से जिसे ज़िंदा रखा था आज चमक रहा है दूर आसमान पे टिमटिमाता तारा बनके।।

अंधियारे को चीर कर रोशनी चूमती है मंज़िल आपनी ऐ मुसाफिर कमज़ोर ना हो क्षितिज अब दूर नहीं।।

Tiny steps of faith matures to reap bouts of life.

Just move on past is done present is fading and future is expecting.

Guard your belief systems that fails our analysis system.

Let your thoughts to be free don't shackle it to others beliefs be flexible.

Feather is light so it can fly; our mind is house of thoughts, what you fill in occupies.

Weather changes with time. With maturity even our understanding changes.

Mathematics is not just numbers but a way to view world with logic.

Simple words means a lot if spoken with good intentions otherwise words can be fired as a bullet as gun.

Silence of mind cleanses.

Attend carefully to the soliloquy of your inner voice, it never lies.

The backyard always house junks, and all houses have a backyard foresure.

Bits and pieces scattered serves no purpose, organised solves puzzles.

Broken bits seams useless, until they fall on gum and stick together.

Light in lime doesn't makes it limelight; but your efforts to make things right definitely enlight.

The power of thought reigns always. Wise ones builds house.

Time might seem uncongenial but it's purpose is always groovy

The perseverance a sculptor holds within reflects in the sculpture they make.

Feathers of hope always gives wings of scope to pierce the the clouds shielding your horizon.

Scope of hope births estuary of life that never gives up.

Silver linings marks no beginning but just an ornamentation. Beginning is marked by its zeal and fervour.

Just me and you never makes the world but the WE makes it the whole.

Dreams are yours. Let it sink not. Row your boat on the ocean impossible, until you reach the bank called possible.

Mightier is inner resonating voice Magnificent is crowning voice What you hear does matter.

The soothing shower of love always makes worst best

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Varsha M Popularity

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