Byron Cornell Ford II

Rookie ((May 13th,1988- / New York)

Tears Behind The Smile - Poem by Byron Cornell Ford II

I see the tears behind the smile
your eyes lead to thoughts hostile
you used to be versatile
but you've been in this rut for a while
you feel lower then the key under the doormat
and shouldnt no woman ever have to endure that
You was leaving him a week ago for the past 4 years
been threatning to take ya life, like these ya last 4 years
Yeah you got a life, but don't think much of it
He doesnt give you the chance to Hate it or Love it
Cause he beats you when you get home
Like bad kids in public
watching tv like wheres my easy button?
you used to be a tall glass, now you on ya last swig
you feel so small, ain't nothing you doin big
days seem to drag on
wheres the knight to save you
the knight in shining armor
you feel like a slave farmer enslaved you
Listening to Tupac Keep ya head up
wishing he was still here to help you get up
cause lord knows your way past fed up
make his toasted bread or he'll bust ya head up
butter on both sides, evenly spread, cinammon bread
if its burnt spots on it, oooo girl I swear ya dead
His speech repeats ova n ova
Bitch it's March, go find me a 4 leaf clover
You go into the backyard under the tree
look up at it, and what do you see
a rope hanging with a noose open free
here he comes telling you
dont you try n flee
cant nobody stop whats about to be
your last words were
Baby, I been dead a long time, you just concluding it for me

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, March 8, 2006

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