Thoughts of a Single Man

Tears Of A Rose - Poem by Thoughts of a Single Man

I found it there
alone in the acrid desert
lost in the lonely fields of the darkened plain
un sheltered and without protection
for it had lost it's way and now had no direction
dying under the grey skies
with no touch of the loving rays of the soothing sun
like so many others
who were once cherished for their loving bloom
when their fragrance was inhaled
the scent captured in their elegant perfume
I was drawn to it
for my eyes see what many do not
beyond the outer shell
deep into the recesses of the fabric of the soul
where the hidden scars still rot and dwell
and so its tears fell hard
and each dropp
struck with crescendo of the thundering sky
as I felt the fluid slide down my cheek
as it streamed from my own blinking eye
so I removed it from it's solemn grave so dark
and gave it a new place to grow
and laid it in fresh soil
the kind where the roots can run deep
and the healing starts
and new memories expand like planted seeds
I watched it become stronger
and begin to see it lose it's tilt
for when I first discovered it
it was wilted and bent
as if the life force the flowed in us all
was ebbed and almost spent
I took loving care with it
for my heart is one that is pure
and I too have had it pierced
by the prodding jabs of the wicked
and I too have endured
and so each day I watered it
with reinforced intentions
describing the beauty of it's petals
the lovely shape of it's stem
the alluring color it radiated
in the hopes that it would never weep again
for all true connections begin
with a spark from a friend
and now we are together every day
thankful that we share this life
each morning when I wake I see it
and kiss its delicate core
before I pick up my pen and commence to write
for destiny sent me to her
though she may feel it was just by chance
but some things are more than the pulled strings
of the puppets that gleefully dance
for I too was saved from my isolating peril
so together
we now have found warmth from the cold
so I recall each moment gratefully
of how it all began
that faithful day I found her
as I sit and hold her close
for that was the day
the poet came and wiped away
the tears of a Rose

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 30, 2012

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